Entrepreneur of the Month – Cher Wang

Every month, a new entrepreneur, a new inspiration


The technological world has always been dominated by men. But one woman stood against all odds and emerged victoriously. As our Entrepreneur of the Month, we bring to you Cher Wang – the co-founder of integrated chipset maker VIA and HTC Corporation, which manufactures one out of every six smartphones sold in the US. Her journey from being a little girl with dreams to a woman with vision, inspires people all over the world to venture into entrepreneurship.


In the news!

Cher is focusing on developing emerging technologies to help HTC realize its vision of “Vive Reality”, which will allow the users to interact with one another in VR and AR environments in a natural manner. As of early 2018, HTC owned more than 3,000 VR-use content items developed by Viveport and Steam, helping it take the lead over its peers in the global VR market.

The combined efforts of Viveport and Steam along with HTC turned the VIVE into reality. The development of virtual reality has laid a solid foundation for HTC to expand its reach into augmented reality, artificial intelligence, 5G, Internet of Things and blockchain.


Know thy entrepreneur

Cher Wang grew up in a business-oriented family, her father being the founder of  Formosa plastics and a business tycoon. She studied from The College Preparatory School in Oakland, California and pursued a bachelor’s degree from the University of California, Berkeley in 1981. However, because of her endless love for piano, she wanted to pursue music full time but she gave that up and chose economics instead which made all the difference.

She founded VIA technologies in 1987, which went on to become the world’s largest independent manufacturer of motherboard chipsets. She also founded the ‘quietly brilliant’ HTC in 1997, initially a manufacturer of notebook computers. It designed some of the world’s first touch and wireless handheld devices. Since then the brand has committed itself to smartphone manufacturing.

Despite being such an accomplished person, she prefers to stay out of the public spotlight. Philanthropy has always been her larger side.  Wang has made several contributions towards setting up charitable colleges and has also made significant donations to University of California, Berkeley, Tsinghua University in Beijing and many more.

With her innovation, determination and an aggressive business mindset, she has inspired people with her social responsibility. She has been the proverbial pebble in the pond that creates the ripple of change.



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