Autographs of famous Entrepreneurs and meaning behind it | The Legends

Everyone has a unique signature, your signature is central to your identity. It shows how you want the world to perceive you. By analysing signature we can tell a lot about someone’s personality. We start our blog series with few Legend of industry.

The Legends

The Ex- CEO and the person due to which Apple became the brand it is now, Steve Job. The sharp lines and slashed ‘i’-dot of Steve Jobs’ signature betray his impatient and aggressive nature. The upwards slant reveals a sense of ambition and a tendency to look towards the future.

People generally use their name as their signature but the next personality, Steve Wozniak uses his nickname as his sign. This reveals an independent streak and confidence in his own abilities. This abundance of self-esteem can also be seen in the large ‘W’, and slanting letters.

On contrast with conservative nature we have Larry Page (Google), the first ‘a’ is open at the top, suggesting he enjoy sharing his thoughts with others the last capitals reveals a strong sense of self worth and the street alignment suggest he takes balance approach to work.


The founder of Microsoft, Bill Gates is an open and straightforward person, and his easy-to-read signature reflects this. Although the large capitals suggest confidence, the rest of the letters a balanced. This shows that despite his riches, he is very modest.

The personalities who have LARGE capitals share similar interests, same goes for the people with rushed writing.

Michael Dell (Dell), his signature is perfectly straight. This, teamed with the carefully-placed dot over the letter ‘i’, reveals a precise and meticulous attention to detail.


Next Blog of the same series will be released today! Stay Tuned!

Author: Simmy Singh


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